Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Christmas

This year I did more "Christmasy" activities than usual.  Because I did so many things leading up to Christmas, it actually felt more like Christmas than usual.  The cold weather in SoCal helped too.  It was nice to light a fire when it was cloudy and cool instead of the usual 75 and sunny!

Michael took me to see Nutcracker (sorry it is blurry)

He painted her nails to match mine.  Could they be any cuter?!

My friend, Sarah, hosted an amazing cookie exchange and tea party.

Michael is a police officer and we got the fun job of escorting Santa around town!

His niece and Olivia were SOO excited to see Santa and Mrs. Claus

Michael, Olivia, his niece and his sister

My mom got me a beautiful, custom ornament

All three of us at his work holiday party.  The party was a while ago, but they just released the professional photos.  I love this one of us!

Church on Christmas Eve.  Our pastor reading a story to the children

Olivia opening some Christmas books we got her on Christmas Eve so we could read them before bed.

Candy at 7am?  It must be Christmas!!

Santa brought someone a piano for Christmas

so focused

After I did Christmas morning with Michael and Olivia, I spent the day with my family and we had a big Christmas dinner.  All in all, it was a great holiday season.  Now on to the new year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas In These Parts

Since we went and got our tree, this weekend I figured it was about time we decorate it.  My dad and I decorated the whole house and then I went over to the boyfriend's house and we decorated his tree.  Needless to say, Im glad we are done with tree decorating for a year!!

I found this little gem from preschool!! Haha I love seeing all of our old kid ornaments.

It was actually cold enough here to warrant a fire!!

The nativity is my favorite decoration.  I especially love this one we have had since I was a kid.  All of the figurines are porcelain and painted with gold.

My stocking since I was a kid.  Yes the dogs have nicer stockings than I do!
Olivia's elf, Sparkle, brought her an ornament with her name on it back from the North Pole after she was good one day.  We also bought Christmas goldfish crackers and put them in her lunch.  We wrote a note on the baggy from Sparkle about magically changing her fish into Christmas colors.  Olivia liked that one ;)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend at the Races

This weekend Boyfriend was drag racing at Irwindale so we made the drive out there Friday in the rain.  We camped in the motorhome Friday night and then his family came up and he started racing early Saturday.

Standing on the drag strip

Beautiful sunset after the rain

We made a fire and camped in the parking lot of the drag strip haha.

Hard at work on the car first thing in the morning.

The girls have their team shirts!

Boyfriend and his sister driving to the starting line.

The whole fam bam.

Me and Miss Olivia standing next to where Daddy had her name painted on his car.

They don't come any cuter.  These two even stand the same!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Lately we have been trying to get into the Christmas season.  This time of year is so busy with holiday parties, holiday prep, the actual holidays and TONS of birthdays!!

My mom sent me this cute princess duck ornament

Enjoying some holiday drinks at Starbucks and especially enjoying them trying to spell my name!

Boyfriend's daughter and I are kind of twins.

Since Boyfriend has a daughter, that means I get to do Elf on the Shelf!! Yes! I think the pics of this guy on Pinterest are just hilarious.  I am soo happy to get to be doing it.  Her elf is a girl named Sparkle.  Sparkle loves chocolate.

We got our tree!! Now I just have to actually decorate it.

Boyfriend and his nephew are hard at work on a puzzle.

The girls got new beds as an early Christmas present....I think they like them.

Boyfriend has finished working on his racecar so now he got a new project....an old truck!

It looks like a hunk of junk now, but he is so excited about it.  I am excited to see what it looks like when he is done with it!

And that is all for now.  This weekend Boyfriend is racing again so you will soon see more pics of cars over in these parts!
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