Sunday, March 9, 2014

just me

Well, I hope most of you have noticed a change around these parts.  B in the Bay is no more.  B was a name that Russ gave me and our life in the Bay was what I blogged about.  It seemed like it was important for the blog to reflect the changes that have gone on in my life.

The new blog design is simple and the name is just me.  This blog is just me.  Life is just me and I am really excited about that.

Now that the design is done, I have also updated twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.  In the interest of social media, I have also created a facebook page for the blog.  Some of the kinks and social media stuff is still being worked out so please be patient, but please also like my page! :)

Changing the blog to reflect this new stage in my life is just the beginning; now I have to live it.  I hope you will follow along with me as I continue to grow and life continues to happen.  Along the way, all I can promise is that I will be honestly, just me.

Me on my birthday, now celebrating the re-birth of the blog!!


  1. New blog looks great! I am excited to follow along. :)

  2. Changes are ALWAYS a good thing! Great picture and happy to follow along on this new chapter in your life!


  3. You are so beautiful and I'm so excited about this new space you have here:) woo hoo!! Yeah for new beginnings!! xoxo Katie

  4. Good for you! Here's to new beginnings!

  5. Love it Chantal! Everything looks fresh and sparkling :) I echo everyone else—here's to new beginnings!

  6. Congrats on your new beginning! Glad I found you in the Twosday link up, you have a new follower in me, looking forward to reading about your new fresh journey :)


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