Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Dad, My Hero.

Me and Dad at Padres game

Today was one of those days.  I had to go to Stockton for a deposition and it was raining so I gave myself two hours to drive there because everyone knows Californians forget how to drive when it rains.   It usually takes me 15 minutes to get from my house to the Bay Bridge and sure enough it took me 45.  A tree had fallen down, blocking two lanes of a four lane road.

Tree in the road

When I was in Tracy (about 20 minutes from Stockton), I knew I couldn't push it any further and I had to get gas.  When I went to get my credit card, I realized that my wallet with my money, ID and credit cards was still at home.  MAJOR FAIL.  I had a checkbook, but the gas station girl refused to accept a check.  Like seriously?!  I was late for my depo, stranded in Tracy and it was raining.

First I did what any self-respecting women would do.  I cried.  Then I called my dad, because clearly I am an adult.  Of course, my dad being my dad, handled my anxious panic with ease and calmed me down. 

He looked up a Wells Fargo close to me, called the manager and charmed him into giving me $200 cash without an ID or ATM card.  He managed to co-ordinate the entire thing so that when I walked into the bank, Jeremy knew who I was and had everything ready.  I signed for my money and left within 5 minutes.  Jeremy was (adorable), very sweet and so helpful.  Who knew bank employees could still be helpful nowadays?

Clearly my dad is a gem and a total hero.  I made it to the deposition one hour late only to discover that the guy I was supposed to depose didn't bother to show up (ha! of course!).  My first inclination would be to say this was a complete waste of time.  However, it was a good reminder of how blessed I am to have such a great dad.  A dad who is willing to drop everything (while sick I might add), to get his daughter out of a jam.  

It is no wonder I can't seem to find a guy to marry!  I want to marry a man who knows how to calm me down (without getting annoyed) and who wants to save the day, even when I probably could have figured it out on my own.



Law school graduation (hence the funny hat)

Cousin's engagement party

Dad's birthday

Fishing with the sorority for Dad's Weekend

Undergrad graduation

Dad's 40th Anniversary at work


  1. Dad's are THE BEST! This is so sweet! Isn't it the best having someone to call? I still call my Dad for help/advice all the time! I hope your day turns around, love ya friend!

  2. Dads are the best and I laughed about the finding a guy to marry thing! SO TRUE!! Like how hard is it to be as amazing as our dads?!! HOW HARD?! I'm sorry you had a shit day but I'm glad that you can look back and find the positive in it!

  3. Ok, I couldn't help but double-comment! Dads are AWESOME :) Mine lives 4000 miles away but I still call him all the time for help and advice :) So glad your Dad was able to come through for you!!!

  4. What an awesome dad! Glad it all worked out.

  5. Aww I love this. I'm the same way with my dad he is always always there to rescue me! Thank the lord because I've had my share of incidents. What a lovely tribute to your dad!

  6. Dads are the best - such a sweet story of how yours was able to make everything better.

  7. who doesn't accept checks anymore?? thank goodness for dad!! what a great guy


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