Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Review

Friday was an exhausting day so I took some "me time," drank some wine and caught up on Scandal. Oh Olivia Pope!  I'd happily spend every Friday night with you!

It rained on Saturday in SF so some girlfriends and I decided that the best was to pass a rainy Saturday was to spend it in Sonoma drinking wine!!  We were right ;)

At the last winery, we had the good fortune  of meeting the owners.  They were SO nice!! Be sure and visit Viansa

Sunday it cleared up so I played another tennis match and had brunch at Bar Tartine.  The food was really unique and delicious.  If anyone ever goes there, I highly recommend the smoked potatoes!!

I spent the rest of Sunday blogging, lounging and finishing up my book for our Book Club meeting on Tuesday.

How was your weekend?!


  1. Viansa is one of my fave wineries in Sonoma! Glad you enjoyed it. :) I was in Sonoma on Saturday, too, for a family thing. Did you happen to see all the cute sheep and lambs out in the field near Ram's Gate winery? When I was driving home, there were three little lambs running back and forth through one of the rain puddles and it was the cutest damn thing I've ever seen. And, of course, I didn't have my camera with me!

  2. Sounds like everyone was in the Sonoma area this weekend. We were in Windsor and it was such a cute quaint little town. I love wine tasting with girlfriends, one of my favorite things ever. What book are you reading? I could used some new books :)

  3. What a perfect weekend! Looks like a blend of fun with the girls and relaxing down time. I'm bummed I couldn't join you guys on Saturday, but we'll figure out a day that works for all of us and head up for another wine tasting adventure soon! Also, you look SO cute in these photos, hot mamma! xo

  4. This sounds lovely indeed! I'd like to be able to drink whenever there's a rainy day but as you can imagine England is pretty wet so I'd end up in a pretty bad state every week lol

  5. I wish I could just pop by Sonoma to sip wine!! So jealous :) Great photos!

  6. New to your blog and I'm loving all your photos from the weekend!! So jealous that Sanoma and Napa are so close to you!!


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