Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weekend Review

This isn't from the weekend, but I love it.  Little girl's hand w mine.  Love her!

Friday after work my co-workers and I went to the Oakland Museum.  They had food trucks, music and an art exhibit.  It was very fun!!

This little girl was rocking out.  She was killing me with those moves and that tutu!!

My co-workers are better than your co-workers! ;)

They crack me up!!

haha like for reals!

I feel like I am fighting a cold so the rest of the weekend I wanted to lay low.  I slept in, ran errands, played tennis and got a pedicure.

Saturday night I stayed in with the girls (my dogs!).  We made pizza and watched Frozen.  Let me just say, I freaking loved Frozen!  I was so happy when it was over that I think I fell asleep with a smile on my face!

Sunday we continued with the relaxing (and by we, I of course, mean me and the dogs!).  We had a leisurely breakfast and went for a run.  The goal was to run 3.5 miles.  However, Brussy had other ideas.  At mile 2.6 Brussy flopped down in the grass and refused to continue.  I ended up carrying her the last mile haha.  Note to self: do not take dogs on runs longer than 2.5 miles!!


  1. What a seriously perfect weekend (despite you battling the cold)...I'm loving that pedicure place and the color you picked - I have a very similar one on my nails!! I am dying laughing you had to carry your dog the rest of the way - too cute!!

  2. Where is this pedicure place, I think I need to go :) My sisters dog did the same thing to her going around Lafayette reservoir, it was hilarious, but her dog was a good 30 lbs. eeek. haha


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