Thursday, May 22, 2014


My last few weeks in SF have been filled with fun!  I have had a really wonderful time in SF.  I am elated to be going home, but of course sad too.  Here is my last few weeks in SF via photo dump!!

Mom came to visit and help me pack.  I thanked her with this amazing dinner!!

Let's hope I look like her at that age!!

My last weekend in SF I did Bay to Breakers with my girls! We dressed as a rainbow and had the best time!

Pointing to our pot of gold!

Found my twin

Typical craziness

Of course I had to dance!

Lindsay hosted the MOST AMAZING going away dinner for me!

Fancy San Francisco themed menu

First course: clam chowder!

Kale salad

Pulled pork empanadas


She made the Golden Gate Bride out of chocolate!!!!

How cute is the darn invitation?!

My amazing friends

My dad is flying in tomorrow and we are loading up and driving down to LA on Saturday!  Hoping to unpack and maaaybe squeeze in a little pool time on Sunday and Monday!!

Thanks for sticking with me guys. Once I get settled I will be back to blogging as usual (which for me still means sporadically! haha)



  1. Wow, that farewell dinner looks AMAZING! Chef Lindsay has really outdone herself. So so awesome. Have a safe trip down and good luck with your new adventure! I will miss you!

  2. Your friends are just the best!! You are going to be settling into your new routine before you know it!! Hope all the travel goes well!! Happy weekend!

  3. I'm going to miss you so much!! You sure packed a lot in to your last week! Dinner was amazing on looking forward to planning our LA girls weekend! And lounging poolside for hours!

  4. That dinner was awesome!!! Good luck with the move! Can't wait to read all about your LA adventures soon. :)

  5. You girls looked so cute as a rainbow! And your friends did an amazing job with that dinner. The invite and the menu are so perfect!

  6. ahh what sweet friends you have chantal!! keep them! hold onto them dearly and visit them often :-)

  7. Seems like you guys had a blast! I bet it was nice to enjoy your last few days there! The dinner looked delish :)

  8. All that food looks delish. Looks like you have made some awesome memories in SF :) Hope you had safe travels back home!

  9. WAIT. are you serious. i'm just now finding your blog and we're about to move to SF! so, don't mind me while i attack your blog for ideas ;) pinning that menu now because its way too adorable. so sweet of your friends to throw you such a cute going away party!


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