Thursday, May 1, 2014

Playing Hooky

Yesterday it was in the 80s in SF.  That has literally happened twice (count that, TWO TIMES) since I moved here...which was over two years ago!!!  Because this is such a rare occasion, the SoCal girl in me got VERY excited.  There was no way I could spend this glorious day in the office.  So, I did what any hard working attorney would do, I "worked from home."

Now in all fairness, I did actually work.  Cutting out the commute and getting ready and working in the evening made it possible for me and the girls to enjoy this weather a bit.
My co-worker

What working from home looks like when you have no desk or table.

But then we transitioned to the park

The girls were so happy to be outside

I mean look at that face!


  1. Working from home really is the best - and when the weather is that amazing - i mean you just HAVE to!!

  2. I miss working from home! You'll get your work area spruced up fast enough! Love the puppies!! xo

  3. The weather has been so nice lately. I love 80 degree days in SF it's like heaven. I'm a fan of working from home too, I feel like I get so much done without all of the office distractions.

  4. Oh the weather looks glorious! I'm very envious - here I am with a scarf, stockings and layers - it's cold, wet and windy outside! Good on you for making of the most of it xoxox

  5. Look at how happy your pups are - they are ready for L.A. weather all the time.


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