Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things I'll Miss About SF

I am moving home to LA in less than two weeks.  I am SOO excited to be home and see people and settle into a routine there.  However, I am also really sad to be leaving so many wonderful people, places (and restaurants) behind.  It is the end of an era, which is always bittersweet.

Of course I will miss seeing my amazing co-workers every day and my amazing friends the rest of the time.


one of my sweet girls, Emily

my diva, Miss Kelin

Autumn, me, Sarah and Cara

Some other things I will miss are:
  • Running along the beach with the Golden Gate Bridge as my view.
  • My apartment/living alone.
  • Afternoons in the park.
  • Walking everywhere.
  • Public transportation.
  • Crisp, fresh air.
  • Fashion- seeing well-dressed, fashion forward people and having a reason to get dressed up myself.
  • Amazing restaurants and bars everywhere.
  • Volunteering with Girls on the Run.
  • Being so close to Sonoma.
  • Always having some event to go to in SF.
  • Being around so many young, professional, intelligent, extremely motivated people.
  • My amazing book club.

Big change is always something I have struggled with (sensing my control issues much?).  This year I feel like literally every aspect of my life has changed and I didn't see any of it coming.  I am a bit emotionally exhausted from coping with and trying to learn from everything.

I am most excited to settle down and settle in with nothing big to expect.  These big changes are the mile markers of our lives.  They are necessary and so beautiful, but sometimes you just need to cruise a bit.

I am looking forward to spending my summer in the sun, cruising.


  1. Moving is bittersweet - but think about all the new adventures in LA, as well as weekend trips up to San Francisco to visit your friends and all your favorite spots. Maybe it's more of a see you later, not good bye?

  2. I'm so sad you're leaving :( But it's the start of something so great for you! And I'll come visit!

  3. The bright side is that you'll be able to visit and relive all these great adventures with your friends, plus they can visit you :)

  4. I totally know how you're feeling right now - moving to LA was really difficult for me. Actually, every move (I've moved 6 times in the last 7 years!) was difficult. It sucks leaving your comfort zone full of fun things and people :( But hey, LA is awesome and I know you know a lot of people here but if you ever need a friend, I'm here too! xo

  5. So ironic I stumbled upon this... I've been in SF for 5 years & have been thinking about moving home to Seattle in 2015

  6. Oops - it cut me off. I wish you luck in LA! LA is so close to SF, you can surely visit lots, right?



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