Thursday, June 19, 2014


Wow!! Where does the time go!? I have been home for 3 (almost 4) weeks now, but it feels like just yesterday that I was unpacking.  I have been settling in and appreciate all of you that have reached out asking what the heck happened to me!

I am a creature of routine so I was taking some time to spend with family/friends and create my new routine here.  So far it has been really great.  I have started playing tennis again, been going back to my home church, been seeing friends, working out, laying out, etc.

Now that I am more settled, I hope to blog more regularly.  We shall see guys, we shall see!  In the meantime, I have still been taking photos so here you go!!

Planted a veggie garden!

I have been on a beer kick.  Lately I have been loving this local brew!

Obligatory blogger OOTD shot.  I can actually wear tank tops now! Love warm weather!

I participated in Serve Day, which is where 30 churches from all over came out to serve in Ventura County.  A few churches met before to pray and worship and then my church cleaned up a transitional living home for women and children in Oxnard.  It was a really great experience.




My friend Natalie hosted a high tea birthday party.  It was perfection!

Have to keep the beach job trend going (from SF)

Girls night out

I attended an alumni event from my undergrad, USD, which was actually really fun!  Saw some people I knew in college and met some new people.  It was a great time!

USD alums

Love being able to see my besties on a Wednesday!!


  1. Glad to see you are back! I've definitely been waiting for you to settle and blog again.

  2. So many fun happenings!!! I am loving the themed birthday party - so fun!! Glad you're back!!! :)

  3. it is crazy how time just seems to blow by and before you know it you are back home almost 4 weeks already. what year did you graduate from UCSD? My husband's best friend and wife went there, i applied but didn't get in hahah

  4. Yayyy you're back! Looks like you're doing well. Loving the tea party props haha I've never had tea with lace gloves before! xx

  5. Glad you're settling happily! SoCal is happy to have you back! :) xo


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