Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back to the Bay

Last week I went back up to the Bay Area for work.  I was there for a couple days, then went to Tahoe for a Bachelorette, then came back for a few more days.  It was really fun to be back in the Bay, work in the office, go to court and see some of my favorite friends.

Air mattress, blogs and wine in a keg cup = high class!!

View from our gorgeous house

We did a tasting at Truckee Winery and loved it!

Jaclyn and I had matching rompers!

We went out on a pontoon boat.  Some of us decided to brave the rope swing.

After the bachelorette, I had to go back to the city to go to court and take a couple of depositions.
Back in a suit #ootd
After a week of driving, working and celebrating I sure was happy to be home in sunny SoCal!!  All the more reason why a relaxing weekend with my brother was in order.


  1. Womp womp back to work, but at least you had such a great time at the Bachelorette party!!! Tahoe is definitely up there on my places I must visit!

  2. That is one cute romper! Where'd you get it. I want one! :) I love Tahoe! I'm headed up in just over 3 weeks and I cannot wait!!!

  3. The rope swing looks like so much fun!

  4. You're the cutest, so glad we got to have a dinner date while you were here!! That bachelorette party looks so fun! :)


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