Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Review

Last week was crazy!  I went to the Bay Area for a week for work. I drove up the Thursday before last, went to Tahoe over the weekend for a bachelorette and then came back to SF for work and then drove back to LA after that.  Lots of driving!! I'll post about that next, but for now, a little bit about this weekend!

This weekend my brother came home to visit. He brought his girlfriend, her mom and her brother with him. It was sooo much fun!!

My girls missed their Uncle Marc ;)

Friday we all went out to an amazing Italian dinner.  My brother's girlfriend ran into the Kardashians in the bathroom.  Needless to say, it was a good night haha!

Saturday we spent the whole day in the pool eating and drinking.  Not bad, aye?


  1. I would have seriously died if I ran into any member of the Kardashian family lol!! Sounds like a perfect family weekend!!

  2. The pool looks amazing - a great way to spend a Saturday!

  3. Uhh I'm jealous that you guys ran into a Kardashian! I have a love hate with them but I'd be stoked to see them. Who'd you see? Were they nice?

  4. I would be so star struck! Where did you eat? I can't wait to visit and lounge in your pool all day!!!!


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