Monday, October 27, 2014

Life Lately

My blog has kind of become a once in a while photo dump.  So be it.  I have been really busy and just haven't wanted to blog.  I have been taking a lot of photos though so I will catch you all up and then try to stay on it, but don't get your hopes up!!

Hitting the town with the girls of course.

Watchin the Niners

September Book Club with the ladies

Visited Cara again in Sac

Some snuggle seshes with the baby girls

Jessica got married!!

Most beautiful bride!

All my high school girls reunited

Yes I snuggled with Jess after her wedding!!

In other news, you all knew I have been dating.  However, I now have an official boyfriend!! He is really great and kind (and cute;).  I feel very lucky.  Without further adieu, here he is!!

Our first picture together on a local hike.
We met on Tinder so maybe it isn't so terrible afterall.  We live close by each other and get to see each other a lot.  We have met each others families and everyone likes everyone.  Right now we are just really happy and enjoying this new, fun phase we are in!

I visited my friend from college and law school, Shannon, in NYC.  I have had it on my bucket list to go to NYC in the fall so now I can cross that one off the list!

My mom came to visit and we went for a hike with the pups!

We also went to church on the beach and my brother joined!

The boyfriend has the cutest, sweetest, girliest daughter.  We have lots in common- princesses, dolls, pink, painted nails, make up, etc.  She is in love with Brussy and I am in love with them together.  It doesn't get any cuter than this!

Doesn't she just have the prettiest hair?!  I am jealous.

Tuesday girls dinner.

The boyfriend also builds cars and drag races in his free time.  I went to my first ever race with him. He let me ride in his car with him to the starting line and then I watched him race from the stands.  It was pretty darn cool and he did really well!  We are going to another one in November for his birthday and he is racing again in December so you will be seeing more cars around these parts!!

Him and his dad working on the car before the race.

Focused on the drive to the start line.

Us watching the other races after he got his best ever time!

His niece and daughter at the races.

And just this weekend we spent Sunday playing in the park and carving pumpkins.  Every year he helps her make a pumpkin princess carriage (you starting to see why I like him?!).  Isn't it so cool?!

And he got me flowers for no reason.  The End.

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