Monday, December 8, 2014

10 Year Reunion

Guys, it happened.  I am officially old enough to have attended my ten year reunion.  When I was in high school that seemed so far off and 28 (almost 29) seemed SO old!! How did ten years go by so quickly?

Either way, it happened.  I actually got suckered into planning the reunion.  I was looking forward to it happening so I could see people, but also so the responsibility of planning would be off my shoulders!

I got some flack from some people about what I was planning and the cost, etc.  There are always haters!!  I am a people pleaser though so even though I knew I shouldn't, I did let some of that affect me.  Needless to say, I was pretty nervous about how it would go.

I am pleased to report that it went off without a hitch!!  My friends helped a TON and everyone said they had a good time!  Phew!!  Now I just have to worry about Christmas shopping!!

Here are pics from the night...

Little center pieces that the boyfriend actually crafted for me!  I wasn't even going to do centerpieces (dumb, I know).

The venue.  We had 175 people come!

My amazing friends got there early to help me set up!

We had a photo booth there.  Here are some of my favorites from it....

Best friends for 16 years and still going strong!

All my girls!


  1. Oh wow looks like it was a success and so much fun! Mine is next year so I'm hoping it's as much fun as yours!

  2. Your reunion looked super fun. I totally skipped out on mine 3 years ago! LOL that's right mine was 3 years ago, talk about OLD!


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