Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas In These Parts

Since we went and got our tree, this weekend I figured it was about time we decorate it.  My dad and I decorated the whole house and then I went over to the boyfriend's house and we decorated his tree.  Needless to say, Im glad we are done with tree decorating for a year!!

I found this little gem from preschool!! Haha I love seeing all of our old kid ornaments.

It was actually cold enough here to warrant a fire!!

The nativity is my favorite decoration.  I especially love this one we have had since I was a kid.  All of the figurines are porcelain and painted with gold.

My stocking since I was a kid.  Yes the dogs have nicer stockings than I do!
Olivia's elf, Sparkle, brought her an ornament with her name on it back from the North Pole after she was good one day.  We also bought Christmas goldfish crackers and put them in her lunch.  We wrote a note on the baggy from Sparkle about magically changing her fish into Christmas colors.  Olivia liked that one ;)

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