Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Lately we have been trying to get into the Christmas season.  This time of year is so busy with holiday parties, holiday prep, the actual holidays and TONS of birthdays!!

My mom sent me this cute princess duck ornament

Enjoying some holiday drinks at Starbucks and especially enjoying them trying to spell my name!

Boyfriend's daughter and I are kind of twins.

Since Boyfriend has a daughter, that means I get to do Elf on the Shelf!! Yes! I think the pics of this guy on Pinterest are just hilarious.  I am soo happy to get to be doing it.  Her elf is a girl named Sparkle.  Sparkle loves chocolate.

We got our tree!! Now I just have to actually decorate it.

Boyfriend and his nephew are hard at work on a puzzle.

The girls got new beds as an early Christmas present....I think they like them.

Boyfriend has finished working on his racecar so now he got a new old truck!

It looks like a hunk of junk now, but he is so excited about it.  I am excited to see what it looks like when he is done with it!

And that is all for now.  This weekend Boyfriend is racing again so you will soon see more pics of cars over in these parts!

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  1. Lots of fun going on in your parts!! Hope you share what you guys do with the elf on a shelf - my sister needs ideas LOL


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