Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Catch Up- Part 1

WOW I am so behind!! I didn't even realize it has been over a month since I last blogged.  SOOO much has happened in the last month.  I guess I better back up and catch up on everything.

Spent a lot of time "cat-ing" around with this little one.

Book Club!

We like to pretend to be fish too.

And penguins!

It was my 29th birthday and I got tulips from Dad.

I also took the day off from work and spent it at the spa!!

Followed by drinks w my girls.

Afterwards, I had dinner with Michael.  The next day, my mom surprised me by flying in from AZ.  We had a big family dinner and got to spend time together.  It was lovely.

Then I went to Sacramento to visit Cara and she took me to get the best pizza!

And she made me breakfast :)

Then for Superbowl weekend we went camping.  Michael's family goes every year with a ton of people.  They set up a TV at the campground and have tons of food.  So fun!  We also went hiking, biking and got to swim in their pool everyday.

I went to a work conference at Disneyland.  Unfortunately, I did not get to go play!

I did get to meet Minnie and she said "hi" to Olivia for me!

More to come next time!!
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