Thursday, May 14, 2015

Professional Wedding Photos

Since we had a small, inexpensive wedding with just our immediate family, I decided to splurge on a photographer.  I am THRILLED with how the photos came out.  If you need a photographer in the LA/Orange County Area, I definitely recommend Brittanee.  She does a lot more than just weddings too!

We ordered our flowers from Costco and our amazing friend, Dee, helped us arrange them.  Thank goodness for her and her expertise!!

We rented this arch and the chairs.

I actually made this and think it came out pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Our two flower girls and ring bearer

Michael's sister let us have the wedding at her house and then she went ABOVE AND BEYOND making the place look so so beautiful.

So handsome ;)

How cute is this book the girls made us!?

I wore my mom's gold, diamond and sapphire earrings, bracelet and ring as my something old, something borrowed and something blue.

Yes Im crying.  I cried through the whole thing!

Me and my brother

Our first dance.  Our song was Forever and Ever Amen.  Or at least I think that's the name!

My mom made this cake all by herself and drove with it in her car from Arizona!! The bottom layer was chocolate for Michael, the middle was vanilla for me and the top is swirled.  We froze the top for our one year anniversary.  I know she's my mom so Im biased, but it was seriously the best cake I've ever had!

Michael's parents

Our family

Michael's sister's family

My family

Riley was tired of taking pics! I don't blame him.

Michael may kill me for making this public but Im laughing so hard because he had to burp right as she wanted us to kiss.  He turned away first and it made me laugh!  Man, I love him!

Michael and I then went with Brittanee to a local nature reserve to take some solo pics.  After that, we had BBQ and cake and hung out.  

By 8pm the wedding was done and we went to a fancy hotel nearby for our wedding night.  Funny enough, neither of us slept well that night and couldn't wait to go home and sleep in our own bed!

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