Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Life Lately

Since I blog so sporadically, there is a lot to catch up on!

Because my friends never got to throw me a bridal shower or bachelorette, when we all went to Disneyland together, they celebrated with me.  We are all friends from high school and rarely get to be reunited for a whole day, so this was especially fun!

I love Easter and the end of lent.  I haven't had any kids in my life since I was a kid so it was especially fun watching Olivia find eggs and a basket from the Easter bunny.  As usual, she made out like a bandit.  

Olivia is loving that Michael and I got married because she got two puppies out of it!  I don't think Brussy minds too much either ;)

Michael claims he isn't that into the dogs and that they aren't allowed on the bed, but this is how I found them! I think they are worming their way into his heart too ;)

At our friend, Dan and Cristen's, wedding.  They are expecting a baby boy a couple months before us!

My amazing friends were so bummed they didn't get to attend our wedding and celebrate, they threw us a dinner.  They decorated with baby shower, bachelorette and wedding stuff! It was so sweet of them to care enough to want to host a dinner for us.  We had an amazing time and I feel so lucky to have such supportive, positive friends.

The high school crew

All the ladies

For my friend Shiran's birthday, we took a girl's trip to Joshua Tree for the weekend.  We rented a house nearby, cooked, went out, went hiking, etc.  Joshua Tree was so beautiful! I really want to go back and explore more of the Park.

My "mocktail"


  1. so fun to celebrate in D-land!! love all of this, and i want to go to joshua tree park soon!!


  2. I think its so wonderful how many loving people you have around you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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