Thursday, June 4, 2015

19-22 Weeks

18 weeks

18 weeks, 3 days (work attire)
Around 19 weeks is when the restless leg kicked it.  I also started noticing that sun spots on my face were getting darker.  Apparently this is called cholasma.  Here while all other pregnant ladies are glowing, Henry is giving me spots!!!

Brussy and the bump!
19 weeks, 4 days

At 20 weeks, I starting experiencing really painful stomach pains.  It of course freaked me out, but after some googling I learned that it was my lower abdominal muscles stretching out.

20 weeks (half way!!)

His little feet.  The best photo we got since he kept moving and wouldn't show us his face.

We then went to our 20 week anatomy ultrasound and learned that Henry was going through a growth spurt, which explained the stomach pain and the noticeable change in the size of my tummy! The doctor told us that he is growing well and very healthy.  She also said that he is very wiggly and active.  During the ultra sound he showed us a nice view of his tush and boy parts, his little hand grabbing his foot and everything else except his face!! When we finally got him to turn to see his face, he clasped his hands like he was praying and moved them up to block his face.  We never got a view of that little bugger's face, but we are so so relieved to know that he is happy and healthy.  I was a little worried I wasn't feeling more movement, but apparently I have an anterior placenta, which makes it harder to feel his movements.  PHEW!  Lately I have been craving mushrooms and been feeling pretty good.

The day after our 21 week mark, I felt Henry kick for the first time.  He kicked three times in my left lower stomach.  I was sitting in Michael's sister's back yard and it caught me by surprise and I interrupted a friend who was telling a story.  Then I got all emotional and started crying behind my sunglasses.  We also set up our hospital tour and picked a birthing class to take.

By 22 weeks, I am feeling him move regularly.  My stomach is noticeably larger and things are starting to feel smushed inside.  I am still sleeping well and feeling good overall.  A friend of a friend gave us A TON of baby boy clothes.  We are so grateful for her generosity and not having to buy so many clothes!!

Next on the list is doing out baby registry and prepping for our shower in August!

22 weeks, 2 days



  1. That belly has popped in the best way! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. So cute, love your little belly! So happy to hear he is a healthy & growing boy, these weeks are flying by! You look great <3

  3. Best time is when the kicks begin! Congrats! Yah for December babies!


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