Tuesday, July 7, 2015

23-27 Weeks

Sorry this is so long...feel free to skim.  I am pretty much documenting this for myself :)

At 23 weeks is when things started to get a bit more uncomfortable.  My bump was really starting to show and I started feeling more and more squished inside.  Shortness of breath is a common thing now.  I have no specific cravings and overall I have felt pretty good.  I have been feeling him moving more and more.  It is such a wonderful feeling! Unfortunately because of the anterior placenta, Michael still hasn't been able to feel it.  Hopefully that will happen for him in the next couple weeks.

24 weeks

The day before I hit 24 weeks (Friday June 12), Michael was home sick from work and we were laying in bed still waking up and Henry was movin and groovin.  He was moving a lot more than usual and his kicks felt stronger than usual so I put Michael's hand on my tummy to see if he could feel Henry.  He let his hand sit there (while he was mostly sleeping) for a little and then right after I felt a big kick Michael goes "was that him!?"  HE FELT HIM! Yippee!  I was so excited Michael finally felt him that I had to document it here.  He felt him a couple more times before Henry stopped moving.

At 25 weeks, I am still feeling really good most of the time.  I pretty much have no food cravings.  The only symptoms I have had that are really bugging me are shortness of breath, especially when sitting, restless leg at night and really bad hip pain in the middle of the night.  My doctor said all of this is normal so I just have to suck it up.  Michael rubs my legs/feet in the evenings which helps with the restless leg.  Also, I am finally getting back into working out (I know....its been way too long) and I started going back to the gym again.  Even though its late in the game, I am hoping it will help with some of my symptoms and with labor.

25 weeks, 1 day.  Camping in Paso Robles

At 26 weeks I was the most uncomfortable I've been thus far.  It's been very hot and my lower back, abdomen and hips have been hurting a lot.  Unfortunately this is just part of the process so I am sucking it up.  I have been drinking lots of ice water and loving watermelon to keep cool.  We did our baby registry this weekend and I am really happy to have that checked off the list.  We also started working on his room.  It makes it seem that much more real when you start picking things out for him.

We cleaned out his room (it was full of junk).  Michael took out the old baseboards and put new ones in.  Testing paint samples as well.
Michael started adding chair rail around the room.  It will be darker blue on top and white on the bottom.

I hit 27 weeks on the 4th of July.  Sadly Michael had to work so it was pretty uneventful for us.  I did get to spend some time with him before he had to leave and I got to relax and put my feet up.  I also got a prenatal massage on Sunday and that was heavenly.  I may have to do that again (like every week!) until he is born.

Henry is moving a lot.  He isn't just kicking anymore.  Now I feel him pushing out on my stomach and sliding along the inside.  He also likes to stick something (a foot maybe?) under my left rib, especially when I am driving.  It's the funniest sensation.  Little stinker!  He moves a lot more often, not just when I am resting like he used to do.

Still cannot believe this little slice of heaven belongs to us.  Forever grateful.

27 weeks.

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