Wednesday, August 5, 2015

28-31 weeks

The last few weeks have been crazy! We had family visiting, work at the house and some personal/family issues.  Additionally, I had to fly to Oakland for work for a few days, immediately followed by a conference at Disneyland.

The time is flying by and I cannot believe I am already in the 30s.  The whole pregnancy I have been counting up.  Now I feel like we are counting down!

27 weeks, 2 days
Beach with the family
Mostly I have been feeling tired!! That third trimester fatigue has kicked in and napping is once again part of my routine.  I still have shortness of breath.  I have been able to keep my back pain under control with pre-natal massages.

People keep telling me I am getting bigger and bigger.  The doctor said my bump is measuring larger than average so we are going to do an ultrasound next week to find out just how big baby boy is.  He has tall man genes in the family, but since Im not that big Im hoping he doesn't get too big on me!!  I feel him move like crazy all over my tummy.  He gets especially excited when I am trying to sleep and right after I eat!!

29 weeks

We have been working on his room a lot and we get more and more baby stuff for him every day.  I was worried about the color of the walls, but I LOVE the way it turned out.

Henry's room painted

We also got his furniture and have started organizing things.  We also interviewed and selected his pediatrician.  I really like her and the office so that was a comfort.

We are going to actually hang the mirror up.  We are also getting the changing table attachment for the dresser.

We talked to the doctor about what we want for labor and have decided against making a birth plan.  Everyone I know who has made one, has been very disappointed when it doesn't work out.  We have made a few key decisions- I am open to an epidural, Michael will be the only one in the room, etc.  Otherwise, we are just going to wing it and take our doctor's advice.  I really like, respect and trust her.  We took a good birth class at the hospital and feel well-informed so that's all we feel we need.  I am normally an over-planner, but I am starting to learn that being informed and going with the flow is much less stressful for me.


  1. The nursery is so cute!! Can't wait to see it all together :-) October will be here before you know it!

  2. So excited for you! Can't believe you're already in the 30s. I like your birth plan philosophy too!

  3. That dresser and crib are so beautiful!


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