Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Catch Up: February

Henry started sitting in his high chair

 We went camping near Solvang.

Olivia and her cousin Audrey

Henry went swimming for the first time.  He cried at first because the water was cold, but he ended up loving it and falling asleep in his floatie thingy.

He is a little too small for it, but this Go-Pod is awesome.  It folds up small  You can hook toys into it or set food on it.

Michael and I left the kids with the grandmas and escaped for a bike ride date.  It was lovely.

Henry started rolling over in his bed.

We also managed a Valentine's date.  We got engaged on Valentine's Day last year so I am a bit more partial to the day than usual.

Olivia started playing soccer for the first time. I'm a soccer mom!

Henry isnt shy about his love of food.

Henry and his Grandpa Greg

Every year my best friend and her sister put a race on to raise money for pancreatic cancer in honor of their mom who passed.  All of our high school friends volunteer every year.  This year Henry came too.

This is my friend who plans the event.  This year she was 8 months pregnant.  Last year I was pregnant at the race :)

The 4 of us went to prom together.  Crazy how old we have gotten!

My high school buddies 

Trying to steal his sister's snack

Those leg rolls!

Touching grass for the first time.  He is a big fan.

After 15 years with the same car (and just under 200,000 miles!!), I got a new car, which is now our family car.  We LOVE it!


  1. I can't get over how big he's gotten...and oh so stinking cute!! That's awesome you're still so close with your high school buddies :)

  2. Henry is SO cute!!! My sister had that Go Pod and her boys loved it, they got a ton of use out of it! Love the new car too :) We got a new one as well, also black! Sounds like you've been busy and doing great! xo


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