Monday, April 25, 2016

Catch Up: March

Michael raced so we took Henry to the drag races (again...I believe this is his second time)

Proud Papa

Indoctrinating him young.

They got matching shirts from the races.  Olivia was so excited to be "twinners" with her brother.

Henry turned six months old....

...and promptly started teething.  It was miserable.  I am pleased to report that his second and third tooth have been less miserable than that first one.

Michael and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary by taking a trip sans children to Las Vegas.  It was heaven!  We had so much fun that we booked another trip back to Vegas for May.

Taken by grandma while we were gone.  I think he was devastated we were gone, don't you?

Henry has been working on his car while daddy works on his ;)

His first time riding in a big boy cart at Target.  He has since been to Costco like this as well.

I got dressed! Woohoo!  I took Henry to Good Friday service at our church.

Got dressed up and took Henry to Good Friday service at our church while Michael was working.

Our church has a baby room (which is AMAZING).  Henry and I rocked in a rocking chair the whole service.  He slept and I enjoyed the service immensely.  I wish they had church service every Friday night.

Henry has decided he now wants to sleep on his tummy.  Not something Mama loved at first (since he likes to sleep with his face smashed into the mattress).  We bought one of those mattresses they can breath through and since then we have all been able to sleep peacefully.

His Easter outfit (insert heart eye emoji)

He loves his sister so much.  He woke up from a nap and the first thing he saw was her and look at the look on his face!! Pure love.

 Olivia has been trying to get her cousin to sleep over for years and she won't do it.  We finally succeeded in getting a cousin sleepover at our house.  It was a total success and they had so much fun she didn't want to leave and asked when she could come back for another one.

Root beer floats

We helped them build a fort over Olivia's bed so they got to sleep in a fort all night.



  1. I just love all the pics, he's getting so big! Vegas is on my bucket list for sure! Glad y'all got to enjoy yourselves :)

  2. I can't believe henry is 6 months old - and Olivia is really taking to being a big sister! xo, biana -BlovedBoston


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