Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Catch Up Part 2: January

Since everyone likes the pictures the best, I am going to do this in pictures.

Olivia turned 8 and had a kitty cat themed birthday party

My mom made this awesome cake for her!

Cousin love
A girl and her pup.

What it looks like to be a working mom in these parts.

I turned 30! I told Michael all I wanted was a lovely day date with him.  He delivered.  He took me to brunch overlooking the ocean and then wine tasting.

My best friend since middle school was pregnant with a baby boy too (he was born in March).  Our boys are only going to be 6 months apart in age!

Henry started solids.  He loves peas and green beans best of the baby food.  He doesn't like any of the fruits, which surprised me.  He loves all real food that we eat.  We are no longer allowed to eat without sharing.

Olivia is playing soccer for the first time ever and her and daddy play in the backyard A LOT.

She got a new bike for her birthday and has been working on that!

More working mom moments.

Those lead to passing out on the couch at 6pm.

multi-tasking= grocery shopping, wearing a baby, feeding a baby, taking pictures of it!

We go on lots of walks.

Oh look, more work!!  Im so lucky to be able to work from home and spend time with this little fellow.

Big boy eating lunch with his cousin.

The three little girls of the house in their raincoats.

Up next, February!!....We are only a couple of posts away from being caught up!


  1. Love the pictures! Henry and Olivia are so adorable! And how fun that you and your best friend have boys so close in age :) Your mom never fails to impress me with her cake skills.

  2. Little man is growing up so fast and looks like Olivia is loving being a big sister! Happy Belated 30th! xo, Biana -


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