Thursday, June 23, 2016

Newport Beach Vacation

We go camping every year for Father's Day so that is what we had planned.  Our trip got cancelled when brush fires near the campground caused the campground to be evacuated.  We were pretty disappointed so at the last minute we found a condo at Newport Beach for rent and booked that.

It was Henry's first time at the beach and our first time ever going on vacation together not camping.  It was harder and a lot more planning to go without our motorhome, but we did it and it was a lot of fun.

Car packed to the gills


First family photo since December (eekk!)

What it looks like to go to the beach with two kids haha
Yes we moved in every time we walked to the beach.

It was cracking me up that we were "those" people with their kids and their wagon and SOO much stuff!

Olivia really wanted Henry to sleep in her room so we gave it a try.  She laid there and stared at him for hours worrying he was going to get hurt.  She even got up a few times to move him because he was laying on his arm or something.  Eventually we moved him out haha.

Henry ended up in bed with us the first day at 5 am :/

And then we made him sleep in his crib in our room the next two nights

We brought this kids pool for Henry.  It worked out great.  He sat and splashed and played but was confined and safe.  I highly recommend one for beach days with babies!

I even brought my real camera and got some good photos.

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