Tuesday, November 29, 2016


As I've mentioned here before, Michael drag races for fun.  He races a few times a year and we go and watch him.  It is a family affair.  Henry has been a few times before, but he was so young, he wasn't really afraid of anything.  Now that he is older he definitely is.  These races are LOUD....and I mean REALLY LOUD.  Henry is afraid of the vacuum so I thought for sure he would not like them.  Boy was I wrong.  Little man, laughed and clapped and smiled.  He even napped during some of the loudest races.  I guess daddy got his racer boy afterall :/

Henry and his favorite person....Papa!

Daddy racing

Seriously? I'm dying of the cuteness.

Watching other people race.

Henry has to get down there and work on the car with Dada.  It is insanely cute.

Henry's Godfather is also a drag racer.

Daddy even made me get in and try everything on.  So scary! I did not like being all strapped in!

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