Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Traditions

I read someone else post about the traditions they practice with their children each year.  I didn't think we really had any, but as I thought more, I realized we actually have a lot of them!  Here are all of our traditions:

  • Decorating the house
We had this village growing up.  My dad kept it and loved it so we decided to put it out for him.  I love it too :)  I also put all of his Christmas dishes on display in our china cabinet (behind the village).
  • Getting a HUGE real tree
  • Decorating said HUGE tree while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot coco
  • Our elves come visit- Olivia's is named Sparkle.  This year Sparkle's little brother appeared for Henry.  His name is Buddy.
  • The kids get an ornament and a Christmas book each year
  • Christmas jammies.  This year Sparkle and Buddy brought Olivia and Henry matching jammies and I got them some other Christmas jammies.

  • Decorating a gingerbread house
  • Making treats for the neighbors and delivering them
  • Michael races every December- this year I couldn't go, but my uncle and cousin went, which was so fun!
  • Family Christmas card

This is the one we used on our card.

Henry trying to kiss me (insert heart eyes)

Olivia trying to walk away cause she was tired of taking pictures....God help me with our pre-teen!!

  • We escort Santa around town in a police car

  • Michael and I go to see Nutcracker- last year we didn't because Henry was too new, but we are going to try to keep at it!
  • Christmas Eve with Michael's family at his parent's house
  • Church as a family on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

This all makes for a very busy, but very memorable Christmas season.  I hope our kids remember all of these special traditions and keep the true meaning of Christmas in mind.

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