Thursday, January 19, 2017


I have always wanted to see Yosemite in winter so Michael planned a trip to make that happen.  We made a few other stops.  We stayed in tiny historic towns in the Sierras and just made our way around stopping anywhere that seemed cool.  It was such a fun trip and exactly what we needed.

We had snowball fights, hiked around, made snow angels, played, saw two bucks (deer), ate great meals.  It was just so fun!

We saw this full rainbow on the drive up and took it as a sign that we would have a good trip.  It was right!

Stopped at Pea  Soup Anderson's for some soup for lunch.  This is becoming a bit of a tradition of ours, as this was the third time!

We were supposed to stay in the town of Volcano, but the hotel we were booked in flooded with the rain and shut down.  We didn't find out until we were on our way there and I started to panic.  They booked us in their "sister" hotel Rest in Plymouth and it ended up being amazing.  The hotel was so beyond nice and the staff was amazing.  The restaurant Taste next door was one of the best dinners I have ever had.  We loved it so much we are definitely going to go back.  iI all worked out!

I had the salmon

Michael had the filet mignon special

We left Plymouth and drove down to Mariposa where we were going to be staying the next two nights.  On the way we drove through tons of tiny towns and even stopped at a sausage market and bought a TON of delicious sausage, salami, bacon and jerky!

Mariposa is the last town on the way into Yosemite.  It is super cute and has the oldest courthouse out West and it is still in operation.  This was super cool to me as a lawyer.

It is about an hour drive from Mariposa to Yosemite.  It was such a pretty drive though.  The roads had been closed a couple days earlier due to flooding from the rains and snow, but we got lucky and had beautiful weather.

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